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Investment Planning

Financial freedom is the single biggest key to being able to reach important goals and aspirations in life. 90 percent of people who have accumulated significant wealth report that freedom has allowed them to do more of the important things as a result.

So here’s the million-dollar question:

How do I reach financial freedom through investment planning?

Your answer is effective investment planning. An investment plan is effective when it aligns with your goals, priorities, and values, and employs sophisticated combinations of financial instruments and market strategies to offset the risk of any adverse price movements.

Investment planning extends much further than just monetary gains

With the proper financial setup, your investment returns can empower you to:

As part of your comprehensive Wealth Management plan, an investment plan maps out your investment strategies to help you meet your short- and long-term financial investment planning goals.

Do you want to buy your second or third property? Perhaps you’d like to retire by age 55? Your investment portfolio will help you get there.

For most investors, the task of developing an investment plan feels like a monumentally complex task. Even after learning the terminology, the numerous and sometimes conflicting schools of thought, the investment research, and of course, the actual investment selection, there’s always a chance that you could be ‘missing something.’

Since every investor faces a unique financial situation with differing financial goals, the process of gathering quality data can feel like trying to follow a moving target.

Developing investment planning strategies can be overwhelming and time-intensive, but having a sound investment strategy is the difference between a life of smooth sailing or choppy waters.

Expert advice can give you more confidence in the protection and growth of your wealth.

For example, as you begin to invest heavily, taxes will begin to have a negative effect on the real return of your investments. A Wealth Manager is proficient in finding tax-minimizing options that you might have missed.

If you need to access your funds for another use (for instance, toward an investment property, a large house upgrade, or a partnership in a new business venture), a Wealth Manager can help you draw down funds in a way that minimizes your tax burden and maximizes your bottom line.

Building an Investment Plan

Every great investment planning habit starts with three fundamental questions:

Start with the end in mind by considering your specific investment objectives. 

Why is investing important to you? Are you looking for safety, or is rapid growth your top priority?

Your goals will help define your investment options.

When will you need the money that you plan to invest now?

The longer you have to reach your goal, the more risk you can afford to take. As your goals get closer, your investments will shift toward more conservative investments to protect against losses.

When investing, don’t make the mistake of focusing too much on how much you can make without also considering your risk capacity. 

Are you willing to invest in stocks that may have large swings in the short term, but have the potential to deliver larger returns in the long term? Or would you prefer to invest in securities with higher security and lower returns?

The Prosperity Difference

At investment strategies are unique to each individual—and that If It’s Money, It’s Personal™.

When creating your custom investment plan, your Fiduciary Wealth Manager will take your unique circumstances and needs into consideration.

You can trust that your investment plan will have the appropriate asset allocation, investment vehicles, and rebalancing tactics for your individual set of financial goals.

The Risk-to-Reward Ratio of Different Investments


The first step to financial freedom is mapping a clear outline of your specific financial goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. A well-defined target enables you to review, refine, and re-allocate your investments to make sure your investment strategy is congruent with your goals.

Our Investment Planning Process


What are your biggest financial goals? Life goals?

When would you like to achieve them?

Describe your dream life. What does your ideal day-to-day look like?

When would you like to retire?

What does your dream retirement look like?

Are you single, married, or divorced?

Do you have any kids?

Have you begun planning for your children’s college expenses?

What do you do?

What retirement accounts do you have?

Are you part of your company’s pension plan?

Why do you go to work every day?

What are you working towards?

Do you like what you do?

Do you see yourself in the same career in the next 5-10 years?

Do you plan to go for an advanced degree?

Do you rent or own right now?

Do you want to own a home?

What’s your mortgage like, and when do you want to pay it off?

Do you need to manage your mortgage?

What’s the money going to be for?

Perhaps you’re 10 years out from retirement and you’ll need a reliable stream of income. Maybe you’d like to plan for your children’s first homes and inheritance. Or it could be that you’re a travel bug who wants to enjoy faraway destinations.

Maybe you work as a Realtor and you need to lease new luxury cars to boost your personal brand.

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of becoming a pilot, so your investment plan needs to fund flight training and licensing costs.

Or perhaps you work 80 hours a week in a highly demanding job, so you need to balance your life with an annual 2-week vacation to someplace warm and sunny.

We all have different necessities and non-negotiables. Your investment plan is designed to support your unique needs.

Every investor has a different risk tolerance. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all investment formula. No single asset allocation strategy is universally applicable.

Your investment strategy, including the financial products you choose, is influenced by your investment personality and your individual financial situation.


After getting to know you, your Wealth Advisor will help you set up your investment accounts, select the right investments for you, and construct a custom portfolio that’s consistent with your goals and investing style.


Once your investment plan is set in motion, your portfolio needs ongoing management.

As your needs and the investment landscape continue to evolve, your portfolio will require some adjusting. This review can occur monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually, depending on your individual portfolio. During these periodic reviews, your portfolio can be rebalanced or redesigned to accommodate changing conditions.

More About Our Investment Planning

What can I expect from my Investment Advisor?

Our Fiduciary Wealth Advisors can help you:

We want to understand what’s important to you. In addition to analyzing your investment time horizon and risk tolerance, we’ll help you plan for upcoming life events like real estate purchases, your children’s education, and retirement.

Chances are, you have a deeply complex financial background. You might have multiple investment accounts, pension plans, property investments (and mortgages), and you want to plan for the future. However, in trying to achieve your goals in the most sensible way, you might be unsure of how best to structure your investments.

Your time is likely limited, and you’d rather focus your time and energy on your occupation than on managing your investments. 

Between income, capital gains, securities transaction, and corporate taxes, you might find that you’re paying more than you need to. 

In short, you need to optimize your investments—especially from a tax perspective—but have no time or desire to learn tax law.

We’ll help you invest in a variety of assets to distribute and help reduce risk.

Our expertise in asset allocation, or spreading investments among different asset categories, will also help mitigate risk.

We’ll check in with you regularly to make sure your investments are still aligned with your current needs and future goals, and reallocate your portfolio as needed.

Our Wealth Advisors will help guide you toward tax advantages and away from tax consequences so you can avoid paying unnecessary costs.

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