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Prospering Beyond the Storm of 2022 Into an Improving 2023  

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Welcome to a new year of opportunities.

I am so excited to be leaving 2022 behind. There has been so much negative news around the world, and the Global Equity and US Equity Markets responded as one would think, negatively.

When it comes to the connection between Health and Wealth, 2022 created huge financial stress for every investor. With this stress came doubt about reaching one’s financial goals, retirement goals, and college planning goals for their family.

What does the new year bring for investors?

With the new year comes hope, excitement, and possibilities. As a generally bullish person and investor–one seeing the glass half full–I am cautiously optimistic about this year. I believe that the equity markets will end in 2023 higher than they began. 

So now, if you haven’t already done this, it’s time to look at your portfolios and position them for 2023. I need to also qualify my comments that wars and these types of catastrophes can change the landscape anytime.

Let’s not call this cautious euphoria. Although the elixir or euphoric dopamine generally created by financial or personal success (or just a great exercise workout) will definitely help in leaving 2022 in 2022. Let’s call this 30 years of investment experience speaking out.

Some industries will thrive, but which ones?

Quality companies with plenty of cash on hand will thrive this year. The US will lead the developed world in returns, but Europe definitely has a place today with the same quality companies. Mergers will take off positively later this year, making the mid-cap markets, especially those that pay dividends, a great place to leverage success. The Defense Industry will receive new contracts from the Pentagon as we have given so many armaments to Ukraine and need to rebuild, and the Energy Sector still has room to grow. Yes, expect a slowdown, but not a meltdown.

The Connection Between Health and Wealth

Besides updating your personal goals, exercise goals, diet goals, and travel goals, the New Year is also a time to review or create your Financial Goals. It’s time to make sure that you will have enough money in retirement, enough money to meet your financial obligations, enough money to enjoy the quality of life you have been planning and so much more. Lowering your stress level has to include improving your financial picture.

One more thing to consider. Virtually all of today’s investors lost money in 2022, and they are just as frustrated as you are. Much of the financial and investment industry has, figuratively speaking, stuck its head in the sand and run silently scared. After all, who wants to deliver bad news? Make sure that you are with someone who is a great communicator and accessible with all types of news.

Speaking back to Health and Wealth and improving both your physical and financial life, I am hosting a dinner event on February 1st, featuring Dr. Bill Lloyd, the National Health Director for Transamerica. Bill has incredible credentials and speaks nationwide, weekly. He is considered one of the foremost authorities on the subjects of health, wealth and recovery from pandemics. We are fortunate to be hosting him at the Crow Canyon Country Club and this is a great time to meet and greet both of us. Bring yourself, your spouse or partner, and a friend or two. Dinner is on us! You can register below or at 

I hope to see you there.

Financial dinner event invitation for health and wealth

The Ultimate Prescription for Health & Wealth

Americans are living longer than ever before in an economy that doesn’t do them any favors. How can you create a life in today’s world that elevates your family’s financial and physical well-being? 

Join Elliot Kallen, Dr. Bill Lloyd (Transamerica), and Shane Kennedy (Columbia Threadneedle) on February 1st to learn how.

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