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Season 2, Episode 12: Building a Platform of Thought Leaders

Meet The Expert S2 E12 Building Leadership Platforms

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Welcome to Season 2, Episode 12 of Meet the Expert® with Elliot Kallen!

Elliot Kallen brings on Sean Perlmutter of Pivotal Twist to discuss the importance of building a platform, understanding your brand’s DNA, and the art of leadership storytelling.

Meet Our Guest

Sean Perlmutter

Sean Perlmutter

Co-Founder, Pivotal Twist

Part creative, part strategist, and part coach, Sean Perlmutter focuses on delivering remarkability as the fertilizer to help brands grow. He does this by developing brand frameworks to delight consumers while spurring business growth.

What is the mission of Pivotal Twist?

Pivotal Twist focuses on emerging leaders who are focused on growth for themselves and their organization. These platforms drive the change that impacts their fortune.

Defining a platform

A platform is something that raises you above everybody else.

Defining a thought leader

A thought leader is someone who has ideas and perspectives that are singular and worth sharing with others. As a thought leader, you need a platform, an audience, and a following. This can be done through social media, email newsletters, and podcast platforms.

How does Pivotal Twist serve emerging leaders?

Pivotal Twist serves emerging leaders in two main areas:

digital marketing, branding, and strategy consulting

Thought leaders and business owners benefit from digital marketing, branding, and strategy consulting to build cohesive, compelling platforms.

coaching & training for corporate clients

Thought leaders and business owners can develop presentation skills, learn to apply emotional intelligence as a leader, and learn to use storytelling in corporate communications.

How can business owners keep up with the digital transformation?

When you’re leading an organization, you need to have a way to do that. Media connects you to your audience.

Business leaders often feel pressured to have a social media presence across all platforms. This isn’t the case; you simply need to find out which platforms your audience belongs to, then focus on that platform.

The truth is: If you try to be all things to all people, you end up being nothing to no one. If you try to put your hat in every single ring that there is, you’re going to end up diluting your influence, wasting money, and wasting time.

How can service businesses differentiate themselves without a unique product offering?

As a business coaching company, Pivotal Twist cannot impose singularity. It behooves the business owner to find their positioning. Your positioning is what makes you unique — it’s your unique selling proposition.

Leaders who lack strong positioning can reach out to companies like Pivotal Twist to implement branding strategies from the inside-out.

When you have your singularity, and you’re able to enunciate what makes you different from the competition, Pivotal Twist can amplify your unique selling proposition so that your audience can recognize it and make their business decisions based on it.

How can business owners go about finding a business coach?

There is a crowded world of business coaches and consultants. Ask for referrals. Understand what you’re looking for in a coach:

A consultant will tell you what to do: I’m the expert, here is what you need to do.

On the other hand, as an executive coaching company, Pivotal Twist will help you clarify and achieve your goals. They take a servant leadership approach by being in service to their clients. They also help business leaders reach their goals by refining presentation skills, building “the audacity to ask,” and managing difficult conversations.

Does the name of your company matter?

It’s worth getting the name right early on. In general, when creating a company, you need to reduce the barriers keeping customers and investors from buying into your vision. If your company name is hard to pronounce, difficult to spell, or makes little sense in relation to your product, you’ve unknowingly created a barrier to your own success.

What is leadership storytelling, and why is it important?

In a noisy world of excess social media and communication, good storytelling can cut through the cacophony and capture attention and loyalty.

Leadership storytelling is the strategic sequencing of facts and emotions. Good stories consider the audience’s needs and what they’ll find persuasive. Storytelling principles can be applied to stir up emotions like hope, motivation, and inspiration.

2 quick tips to effective storytelling

Using a storytelling framework

When giving a talk, when talking to a client, and even when writing an email, you should start with a hook, share your compelling argument, support it with evidence, and conclude with a call-to-action. This framework keeps people engaged.

Including stories in your communication

Whether you use personal stories, vision stories, grand stories, origin stories, stories give people an opportunity to lean in, learn, and connect on a human level.

Learn more about Sean Perlmutter and Pivotal Twist on the Pivotal Twist website.

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