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July 4th and Your Financial Independence

July 4th Financial Independence

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et me begin by wishing you a Happy July 4th, the day of the official signing of the Declaration of Independence, when we went from a colony to a country. Millions of Americans have died since 1776 to allow all of us to keep our freedoms and liberties, the greatest experiment in democracy and capitalism the world has ever seen. Almost frail and imperfect, but none better. 

It’s also the midway point of this year, so let’s do a quick review of the meaning of Financial Independence.

Here are some points I’d like you to consider when meeting with us, whether in person or via Zoom.

  • At what point in your life would you like to realistically retire if you haven’t already?
  • How much money do you need monthly to enjoy your retirement?
  • How much income do you need to feel comfortable and financially independent?
  • How do you define Financial Independence?
  • Have you discussed and written down your goals in retirement regarding travel, financing grandchildren, dining, golf, hobbies, etc.?
  • Have you finished financing your children’s college education?
  • Do your investments match your risk tolerance, especially during these volatile times?
  • Are you working to eliminate debt so you will be debt-free in the near future?
  • Have you finished your financial plan with your Team at Prosperity Financial Group? If not, let’s do this.
  • Are you prepared for today’s investment marketplace volatility?
  • Have you talked about how to stay healthy during your retirement, knowing that medical expenses during retirement can represent your largest outlay of money?
  • Are you prepared for an expensive medical emergency?
  •  Is your trust or will in place and current?
  • If you own a business, have you talked about your succession plan with your Financial Advisor?
  • Will your family be covered properly if you die too early or live beyond your life expectancy?

There are many other points related to Financial Planning and Financial Independence. Give us a call and let’s take the necessary time to work on these life issues.

On behalf of your Team at Prosperity Financial Group, have a great July 4th holiday.

God Bless America.

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