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Welcome to 2022: Financial Planning for a Successful New Year

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Elliot Kallen, Founder of Prosperity Financial Group, Financial Advisor, Wealth Advisor, Financial Planner, Wealth Planner

Welcome to 2022! Yeah!

Market recap

From the investment side, this last year represented elation and excitement. Then came the fourth quarter with an assault on growth and technology, all sparked by Omicron and Covid returning with shutdowns. It started looking a bit like March-May 2020.

Now with the new year ahead, it’s time to make sure we are prepared for another exciting year of portfolios.

Equities have been moving up and down several times more than 10%, finishing the year off strong despite the downfalls of another pandemic.  Let’s make sure that your investments match your “Risk Tolerance,” and that we have communicated this with each other.


Let’s make sure that we have established and reviewed your Financial and Personal Goals. If we haven’t done this yet, let’s meet asap via Zoom or coffee to make sure you are prepared for 2022.

When we look at your Financial Goals, let’s make sure we include the following:

Retirement Planning

Cash Management

Portfolio Management & Goals

Risk Management

Financial Education

College Planning (if needed)

Charity & Philanthropic Planning

Estate & Legacy Planning

Tax Planning

Business Succession Planning (if applicable)

What’s the best strategy?

As your personal Fiduciary, it is imperative that we examine your financial needs in the most holistic way. I am looking forward to working together to keep you on the road to achieving your goals. 

Identify your goals, dreams & aspirations

Access your current situation

Agree on objectives & strategies

Establish time frames and implement a plan

Implement strategy

Review strategy regularly

Please call me at your convenience to set up a meeting, Zoom or in person.

Wishing you a successful 2022.

All my best,

Elliot Kallen


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At Prosperity Financial Group, we understand that investment strategies are unique to each individual—and that If It’s Money, It’s Personal™.

When creating your custom investment plan, your Fiduciary Wealth Manager will take your unique circumstances and needs into consideration.

You can trust that your investment plan will have the appropriate asset allocation, investment vehicles, and rebalancing tactics for your individual set of financial goals.

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