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Aug 21, 2020

An investment in knowledge pays the most interest.

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Financial freedom is the single biggest key to being able to reach important goals and aspirations in life. 90 percent of people who have accumulated significant wealth report that freedom has allowed them to do more of the important things as a result.

So here’s the million-dollar question: 

How do I reach financial freedom?

Your answer is an effective investment plan. An investment plan is effective when it aligns your goals, priorities, and values, and employs sophisticated combinations of financial instruments and market strategies to offset the risk of any adverse price movements.

Investments extend much further than just monetary gains

With the proper financial setup, your investment returns can empower you to:

  • Provide for your children’s education
  • Buy your dream home
  • Fund your vacations to amazing destinations
  • Contribute to your favorite charitable causes
  • Enjoy total financial freedom

As part of your comprehensive Wealth Management plan, an investment plan maps out your investment strategies to help you meet your short- and long-term financial goals.

Do you want to buy your second or third property? Perhaps you’d like to retire by age 55? Your investment portfolio will help you get there.

For most investors, the task of developing an investment plan feels like a monumentally complex task. Even after learning the terminology, the numerous and sometimes conflicting schools of thought, the investment research, and of course, the actual investment selection, there’s always a chance that you could be ‘missing something.’

Since every investor faces a unique financial situation with differing financial goals, the process of gathering quality data can feel like trying to follow a moving target.

Developing an investment plan can be overwhelming and time-intensive, but having a sound investment strategy is the difference between a life of smooth sailing or choppy waters.

Expert advice can give you more confidence in the protection and growth of your wealth. 

For example, as you begin to invest heavily, taxes will begin to have a negative effect on the real return of your investments. A Wealth Manager is proficient in finding tax-minimizing options that you might have missed. 

If you need to access your funds for another use (for instance, toward an investment property, a large house upgrade, or a partnership in a new business venture), a Wealth Manager can help you draw down funds in a way that minimizes your tax burden and maximizes your bottom line.

Request a Fiduciary opinion

You deserve a meticulously crafted investment strategy. We can help you clarify and analyze your goals, risk tolerance, asset allocation, and future needs for capital.

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Building an Investment Plan

Every investment plan starts with three fundamental questions: 

  1. What are your financial goals? 
  2. What is your time horizon?
  3. What is your risk tolerance?

Your financial goals

Start with the end in mind by considering your specific investment objectives. 

Why is investing important to you? Are you looking for safety, or is rapid growth your top priority?

Your goals will help define your investment options.

your time horizon

When will you need the money that you plan to invest now?

The longer you have to reach your goal, the more risk you can afford to take. As your goals get closer, your investments will shift toward more conservative investments to protect against losses.

your risk tolerance

When investing, don’t make the mistake of focusing too much on how much you can make without also considering your risk capacity. 

Are you willing to invest in stocks that may have large swings in the short term, but have the potential to deliver larger returns in the long term? Or would you prefer to invest in securities with higher security and lower returns?

The Risk-to-Reward Ratio of Different Investments

The Risk to Reward Ratio of Different Investments

The first step to financial freedom is mapping a clear outline of your specific financial goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. A well-defined target enables you to review, refine, and re-allocate your investments to make sure your investment strategy is congruent with your goals.  

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The Prosperity Difference

At Prosperity Financial Group, we understand that investment strategies are unique to each individual—and that If It’s Money, It’s Personal™.

When creating your custom investment plan, your Fiduciary Wealth Manager will take your unique circumstances and needs into consideration.

You can trust that your investment plan will have the appropriate asset allocation, investment vehicles, and rebalancing tactics for your individual set of financial goals.

Tailoring Your Individual Investment Plan

A cogent investment plan is critical to ensuring that your money continues to grow. 

Your strategy should be informed by:

  • Expertise in investment theory,
  • The capital markets,
  • How stocks and bonds are traded,
  • How the stock market functions,
  • How securities are priced,
  • And much more.

It takes a deep understanding of the various financial markets well enough to select the right individual investments, which can be a daunting and time-intensive task for individual investors.

External factors, like new tax policies or market changes, may also affect your investment strategy. 

And over time, your investing needs, goals, and risk tolerance will change. That requires yet further evaluation for the best steps moving forward.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to evaluate markets and investments, or the time to closely manage your portfolio, consider speaking to a Wealth Advisor whom you trust. 

Especially during times of market volatility, it’s best to seek expert guidance in developing the soundest investment plan possible. Oftentimes, this entails taking a more detailed approach to investing—which allows for better tax-loss harvesting and charitable contribution. Those benefits pale in comparison to having a general, nonspecific portfolio.

Investment management that revolves around you

We pride ourselves in our consultative, inclusive approach that incorporates your attitudes and goals as an investor so that we can provide the most highly-tailored approach to structuring your portfolio.

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What can I expect from my Investment Advisor?

Our Fiduciary Wealth Advisors can help you:

Assess your financial situation.

We want to understand what’s important to you. In addition to analyzing your investment time horizon and risk tolerance, we’ll help you plan for upcoming life events like real estate purchases, your children’s education, and retirement.

Understand all your investing options. 

Depending on your desired level of involvement, we can teach you about different investment types and accounts to help you make better investment decisions. We take a disciplined, rigorous approach to analyzing the financial markets to discover important investing insights.

Apply diversification principles. 

We’ll help you invest in a variety of assets to distribute and help reduce risk.

Allocate your funds. 

Our expertise in asset allocation, or spreading investments among different asset categories, will also help mitigate risk.

Monitor your progress.

We’ll check in with you regularly to make sure your investments are still aligned with your current needs and future goals, and reallocate your portfolio as needed.

Consider tax implications. 

Our Wealth Advisors will help guide you toward tax advantages and away from tax consequences so you can avoid paying unnecessary costs.

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Our Investment Planning Process

Step 1: Discovery

Before creating your investment plan, our Wealth Advisors will get to know you and your unique financial situation.

Step 2: Execution

After getting to know you, your Wealth Advisor will help you set up your investment accounts, select the right investments for you, and construct a custom portfolio that’s consistent with your goals and investing style.

Step 3: Optimization

Once your investment plan is set in motion, your portfolio needs ongoing management.

As your needs and the investment landscape continue to evolve, your portfolio will require some adjusting. This review can occur monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually, depending on your individual portfolio. During these periodic reviews, your portfolio can be rebalanced or redesigned to accommodate changing conditions.

What can a Wealth Manager do for you?

Chances are, you have a deeply complex financial background. You might have multiple investment accounts, pension plans, property investments (and mortgages), and you want to plan for the future. However, in trying to achieve your goals in the most sensible way, you might be unsure of how best to structure your investments.

Your time is likely limited, and you’d rather focus your time and energy on your occupation than on managing your investments. 

Between income, capital gains, securities transaction, and corporate taxes, you might find that you’re paying more than you need to. 

In short, you need to optimize your investments—especially from a tax perspective—but have no time or desire to learn tax law.

Do you need a Wealth Manager?

If you…

  • Lack the time or will to manage all your investments
  • Wish to fill in the gaps of investment knowledge
  • Value Fiduciary advice

… Then a Wealth Manager should be able to assist with your investment management needs. 

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At Prosperity, we help our clients handle complex financial issues and coordinate financial experts on their behalf.


Registered Principal

Having a Fiduciary Wealth Manager on your team gives you access to the deftest use of different asset classes and account types.

When you choose to work with Prosperity, we’ll get to know you and your financial situation extremely well in order to implement an investment strategy on your behalf. 

We’ll continue to adapt your investment plan according to your shifts in risk appetite, changing cash flow needs, risks coming from your business that you want to hedge, or investments you’d like to make by leveraging your liquid assets. 

Finally, we continue adjusting your profile to stay ahead of the fluctuating risks and take advantage of market opportunities.

We Can Help

The challenge of managing your investments is neverending. Your wealth brings incredible opportunities as well as significant challenges!

Investments can be risky, but if managed well, your portfolio will grant you financial independence so you can enjoy life on your own terms.

If you need a trusted partner to help you grow, protect, and preserve your wealth at every stage of life, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you.


We’ll spend 30 minutes getting to know you—your situation, needs, and vision—then offer a strategic plan to reach your goals.
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