The Evolution and Importance of Financial Planning

Couple enjoying retirement life after financial planning

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I remember the days when creating a financial plan was a cumbersome process, involving countless hours of assembling paperwork and collaborating with individuals who input information without truly understanding who you were. Once this phase was complete, the plan was handed off to an advisor. Typically, such plans, spanning about a hundred pages, would just sit on your night table or desk, with you barely making it past the third page.

Essential Components of Financial Plans

Not so today! Financial planning has evolved into an interactive necessity for everyone. Here, I will share with you the one improvement that is universally needed in financial plans, and which we ensure is covered with our clients. Good financial plans should encompass:

  • Cash flow analysis
  • Understanding and managing credit card debt
  • Oversight of all debt
  • Management of all investment accounts, regardless of their locations
  • Consolidation assistance for retirement accounts
  • Life insurance needs analysis
  • Educational funding management
  • Assistance with various needs such as purchasing a car
  • Development of financial goals, especially for retirement
  • Estimation of the probability of achieving your financial goals
  • Flexibility to adapt as often as needed
  • Consideration of how long-term health needs could affect your plan
  • Charitable giving guidance
  • Legacy planning

The Importance of Lifestyle Planning in Retirement 

Here is what you need to remember. When working on your financial plan, remember to ensure that you and your spouse have discussed your aspirations for retirement life. I have seen too many retirees whose main strategy seems to be watching TV – on average, 4 to 6 hours per day. This is disheartening. It is crucial to have strategies for how you spend your time during retirement. Potential activities include:

  • Traveling
  • Dining out at new restaurants
  • Pursuing and developing hobbies
  • Golfing and traveling for golf
  • Discovering new hobbies like pickleball
  • Visiting grandchildren
  • Volunteering with a charity
  • Joining non-profit boards
  • Babysitting grandchildren
  • Considering relocating to a retirement community
  • Taking swimming lessons
  • And much more…

Strive to make your retirement the most fulfilling phase of your life, and every day will bring a new reason to smile. A well-thought-out financial plan can be your guide to achieving this contentment.

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