Choosing the Right Financial Planner for Retirement: 3 Reasons Why It Matters

Feb 28, 2020

Financial planners often get a bad reputation and it’s not surprising at all. Far too many “advisors” are salesmen in disguise, pushing you to buy products from their company.

But there are lots of good planners out there — as long as you know where to look. They work to make life easier for you, helping you save money and reach your retirement goals sooner.

So, why is it important to find the RIGHT financial planner? Here are a few reasons you should keep in mind.

1. Financial Advisors help you find your blind spots.

Planning for retirement is not as simple as it seems. You might be emotional, confused, or unaware of different management topics. Some people don’t see far enough into the future to envision their retirement, much less plan for it. This is where expert advice comes in handy.

A Financial Advisor will ask you many questions, and some of them may make you feel uncomfortable at first. But, you’ll eventually realize that it lets them see the full picture of where you want to be in life. Your advisor can then put up a plan tailor-made to your specific needs.

2. Financial Advisors help you narrow down your choices.

Some people don’t have the expertise, time, or passion for picking investments. A reliable Financial Advisor often has a list of their go-to investments in which they’ve researched. These investments may have certain criteria, such as having low expenses. As you navigate the sea of financial choices, a reliable Advisor can identify which ones could yield the most exceptional results.

3. Financial Advisors keep personal biases at bay.

Managing your own money has its pros and cons. You keep your costs down or enjoy doing the work on your own. However, there’s no denying that we have our personal biases. Now, it’s best to reflect on how yours affect your financial decisions, especially in terms of retirement.

Then, some resort to rash emotional decisions. It’s natural for us humans to feel the more pain of losing money than the happiness of making money. Some investors cannot stomach the fluctuating trends of the stock market.

Part of a Financial Advisor’s job is to hold your hand through those difficult moments in the market. They ensure you make well-informed, rational decisions. An ideal Advisor thinks logically instead of reacting in a knee-jerk fashion and hitting the panic button. They don’t let you make reckless decisions that could come back to haunt you in your retirement.

We Can Help

Financial planning for retirement can seem overwhelming and confusing at first, but it’s well worth your time. Preparing early is crucial to avoid unpleasant surprises and unexpected disappointments. This where a Financial Advisor can help.

When you work with a Financial Advisor, you get to see the big picture and set long-term and short-term goals. Your Advisor keeps you on track to meet those goals, and expert advice increases your confidence in making financial decisions.

If you’re ready to plan a happy, healthy, and wealthy retirement, please fill out the form below. We look forward to speaking with you.


We’ll spend 30 minutes getting to know you—your situation, needs, and vision—then offer a strategic plan to reach your goals.
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