End of Year Planning and Reviewing

The end of the year is a great time to revisit your finances and build a plan for next year. A financial advisor can help you build and update your financial and retirement plan. Schedule your free consultation with Prosperity Financial Group at 925-314-8500.

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The end of 2021 gives us a wonderful opportunity to look back at this past year’s successes and learning lessons, and to begin planning for 2022.  

And let’s face it, planning gives us the best opportunity for success.

So here are few questions to ask yourself about 2021:

Did I move closer to my financial goals?

Did I review my risks and returns to make sure I am properly allocated?

Did I update my Financial Plan, or begin one?

Did I codify my financial and personal goals?

Did I let my physical and emotional being slide a bit due to the Covid lockdown?

Did I have fun?

Despite Covid, did I do some traveling and entertaining?

Did I grow closer to my family and friends?

Did I update my will, trust, and beneficiaries?

Did I do a full review with my Financial Advisor?

Annual Plan Reviews are imperative for any employer who is administering a retirement plan.  It is a fiduciary’s responsibility to annually review various aspects of the plan to so that you can document how well the plan is being managed in accordance with regulations and guidelines, and determining whether the plan’s funds are meeting the performance criteria of the company’s Investment Policy Statement (IPS). For help with 401k Fiduciary support, call Prosperity Financial Group at 925-314-8500.

If I administer my company’s 401(k):

Did I do a review with my 401(k) Advisor?

Did we hold virtual employee education meetings?

Did I shop for new prices and improved service?

If I administer my company’s insurance program, did I do a full review this year?

Have I done an insurance review to make sure my home and body are properly insured?

Am I ready for turning the page to 2022?

Our goal as your Financial Advisor is to help you meet these goals and answer these questions with a resounding “YES!

Come meet with us before year end, even through Zoom. Let’s start 2022 with the best foot forward.

Call or email me anytime.

All my best,

Elliot Kallen



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