Putting Guardrails on Your Money

investor recession

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This is a painful time to be invested. We all understand it.

Some sectors of the market are down 50% (especially Tech) and many are down this year in excess of 30%. We are most definitely in an Investor Recession right now, along with hyperinflation, which we feel at the gas pump and supermarket.

We are diligently fine-tuning everyone’s portfolio, both to buffer the downside and take advantage of the upside – when it happens – and it will!  But some days I feel like the best-looking horse in a glue factory. When virtually all equities and bonds go down, the investor experience is challenged.

I usually don’t talk about products, but several companies have reacted to the current economic downturn with changes. 

Without mentioning specific companies, here are two ideas that may make some sense to your portfolio, If they do, please contact me. 

  • One company is offering up to a 30% buffer on the S&P 500 Index with a 2-year product. This means that you only lose principal should this Index be down greater than 30% after 24 months. They do limit upside potential, however, but they pay dividend income monthly. 
  • Several insurance companies are offering annuities with 10% and 20% buffers with many Indexes, over 6 years. This means that you would only lose money after six years should the markets go down by more than 10% or 20% after the 72nd month. Plus, lots of upside potential. The downside is that your principal is locked up for 72 months.

Should either of these ideas interest you, then let’s talk about it. We don’t like to push products, but since these are relatively new, we felt you should be aware of them.

Call anytime keep your wits about you with all of these stock market gyrations.

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