Memorial Day 2022: Thank you to all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice

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Let me begin by saying “Thank You” to all our veterans, policemen, and firefighters.  You help keep us strong and safe. Without the ongoing bravery of our veterans, this unbelievable experiment in our republic would never have survived, and it is always being tested.

We live in interesting times. There is a war going on in Europe. Thankfully, it hasn’t spread much beyond Ukraine. But brave folks are standing up to bullying and bloodthirstiness, finding ways to win some battles. Still, perhaps the greatest battle they have won is the pride and support of much of the western world. Some are even calling their president, “The New Winston Churchill.”’

The History Behind Memorial Day

Memorial Day was created following the Civil War to mourn our dead. Upwards of 750,000 soldiers died with an undetermined number of civilian casualties. The Civil War, the war to end slavery and maintain one United States, remains the deadliest military conflict in American history. 

Even in the 20th century, marked by two World Wars, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, and so much terrorism, the number of American fatalities did not exceed that of the Civil War. Of course, World War II was beyond globally deadly in so many ways, as were the dictatorships of the Soviet Union and The People’s Republic of China.

Take a Moment to Remember

So, on Monday, May 30th, we will celebrate with a day off from work, barbeques in so many backyards, sales at the malls and car dealerships, plus many inconsequential happenings. Please take a few minutes to thank a veteran or peace officer for their service, their selflessness, and their willingness to go where we as a society dare not go. 

Let us think about those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, so we have all the inalienable rights to be free Americans.

On behalf of your Team at Prosperity Financial Group, we wish you and your family and terrific holiday weekend. God Bless America and our veterans, alive and passed.

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