Is Anxiety the New Investor Mantra?

Investor anxiety

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Investors today are increasingly anxious about the equity and bond markets. Can we blame them, given the constant barrage of information from 24/7 news outlets such as Fox Business, CNBC, local radio, TV, and print publications? It’s not uncommon for morning commentators from Fox Business and CNBC to be completely at odds with their afternoon counterparts.

Adding to the confusion, many media outlets have recognized that negative news tends to attract more viewers, listeners, and readers. This increased viewership in turn lures in more advertisers. Put bluntly, negative news often generates more revenue than positive news.

My Three Decades of Insight

Over my thirty years in the industry, here’s a pivotal lesson I’ve picked up: Investors must seek out Financial Advisors they can wholeheartedly TRUST. This means finding someone who is both tactical and strategic, and not just focused on long-term strategies in all markets. The traditional “buy and hold” approach might not always be the best route.

It’s crucial to collaborate with an advisor who can adeptly navigate both current and upcoming market conditions, and who clearly communicates their strategies while truly understanding your financial goals and desires. Markets will inevitably have their ups and downs, but a sound position can ensure long-term profitability.

Key Traits to Consider in a Financial Advisor

  • Clearly articulate your financial aspirations and needs.
  • Ensure that your Financial Advisor genuinely listens to you and maintains thorough records.
  • Fully understand your Advisor’s strategies and ensure that they align with your objectives.
  • Ensure the level of financial risk you’re taking aligns with your comfort and risk appetite.
  • Ascertain that your Advisor continually updates their knowledge in this ever-evolving industry.
  • Discuss both the financial and emotional aspects of your retirement. For instance, spending an average of four hours a day (a common practice among U.S. seniors) watching TV is not a holistic retirement plan.

There is no shortage of competent Financial Advisors out there. However, only a select few consistently exude unwavering trust. Fewer still remain at the pinnacle of their profession, always looking to learn and adapt. And even fewer operate as Fiduciaries, always prioritizing your best interests. The truly exceptional ones are not only knowledgeable but are also effective communicators and advocates for their clients.

Feel free to check out my calendar if you’d like to chat, or call me to discuss this anytime. You can reach me at 510-206-1103 or [email protected].

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