Happy Hanukkah From Prosperity Financial Group

Happy Hanukkah Menora

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I know that Hanukkah is a fairly minor holiday. It’s not Passover, Rosh Hashanah, or Yom Kippur. It is, however, a holiday filled with great kitchen smells, yummy food, lots of family around, and a present or two (not under any tree).

I fondly remember the smells of my mother’s kitchen and have worked feverishly on reproducing them on my own as an adult. Not quite up to her standards, but not far off either. Cooking on Jewish Holidays is most definitely pleasurable.  

As we enter the New Year, I wish you and your family a terrific upcoming Hanukkah and New Year. As a generally optimistic person, I am feeling more positive about 2023 than 2022. 

A toast to good health, happiness, fun, and family.

All the best from the Kallen Family and your team at Prosperity Financial Group.

Holiday Family Photo

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