Give Thanks

Sometimes the most difficult hill we climb as humans is the hill of thankfulness.

We are all caught up in our daily lives of making a living, taking care of loved ones, worrying about almost everything, going a bit crazy with the Covid-19 virus and all of the associated rules, a 24-hour news cycle of negativity and everything not in our control in our lives.

So, just for a moment, I would like to take the Thanksgiving Holiday and be thankful for all of us. This is the original American holiday dating back to the Plymouth Rock early settlers and represented a dinner between the settlers and the local Indigenous folks.  It was so momentous and historic, that later Benjamin Franklin attempted to make the turkey our National bird, rather than the bald eagle. 

I would like to remind us to be thankful for:
Our family and loved ones
Our friends
The ability to retire and enjoy life on your terms
The ability to work at a job we enjoy
Money in the bank
Assets invested and growing
A house we live in
Electricity that consistently works
Indoor plumbing
Clean water
We live in the United States
Our Police & Firefighters
All First Responders
Cable TV
Low crime rate
Doctors and Dentists at our disposal
Democracy that works
Our Representative Government that usually works
Our Judicial system
The Constitution of the United States
Character matters more than skin color or religion
Computers and cell phones
You and I

Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday.  We all will be glad when 2020 is behind us and life gets back to normal.

All my best,

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