For Love and Money… ’till Death Do Us Part

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February and Valentine’s Day usually represent a time of love and everything associated with love. Romance, flowers, jewelry, fine food, and chocolates – these are all good!

However, from a finance point of view, it should also be a time to discuss making sure that your money can have the future purchasing power that you will need in retirement and that you will leave your loved ones the purchasing power that they will need to live their lives should you not be around (yes, if you die too early).

Here are a few steps you can take to make sure that you are doing the right things:

  • Have you put together a set of Financial Goals and are you reviewing them with your Financial Advisor? 
  • Have you created an actual Retirement Plan that includes funding the “fun stuff”?
  • Have you included life insurance to cover the gaps in your Retirement Plan?
  • Have you created Lifetime Income, perhaps even insured this income?
  • Have you and your spouse sat with your Financial Advisor to make sure you are on the right track and taking the proper amount of risk?
  • Have you discussed with your spouse or significant other what he/she will do after your death? Where and how they will live?
  • Have you done a full review of your assets, making sure your Trust/Will is current?
  • Does your family know what to do in the case of your early demise?

These are just some questions that need answering. February is a great month to meet with your Financial Advisor and get 2023 on the right track. 

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