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Understanding Today’s Financial Landscape 

Our world has become temporarily more complicated. Bank failures plus the shrinking of our Regional Banking system, interest rates still going up, and prices are up again alongside political turmoil and anger. Our cities are getting more dangerous for citizens and visitors, an actual country going on the “do not visit” list and so much more. Many TV financial pundits are bearish and offer no positive feedback.  

Stock Market Malaise and Bond-Year Optimism

Let’s get beyond the negative news of the day.

We have experienced about eighteen months of stock market malaise and finally, short-term bonds and perhaps a bit more are showing glimmers of positivity. Pundits are lining up with the idea that 2023 may be a wonderful bond year, as compared with 2022 being one of the worst years since 1929.  

In the equity markets, unquestionably, US companies with plenty of cash on hand that offer significant dividends to consumers are the best place to be right now. This means that investors are not currently being rewarded for taking large risks. So, many of our clients have temporarily toned down their desired risk levels and today is a great opportunity to have this conversation.  

The downside of this strategy, however, is that when the markets turn positive and technology along with growth roar back (and they will) you may be in the wrong position and miss the initial 10-15% quick upswing. Oh, so much confusion!

Winning in the Long-Term: Positioning for Future Growth

There is another strategy. Should you not need the proceeds anytime soon, then thinking long-term and positioning your portfolio for future growth may end up being the best winning strategy. Buying and holding while others panic has proved to be a great strategy over the last four hundred years. It does, however, take some fortitude and patience with the process.

We are here to help you. No reason to go at this alone.

Call or email us for a quick Zoom or coffee. You can reach me at [email protected] or 925-314-8503.

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