Happy Father’s Day from Prosperity

Father's Day is a perfect time to take a trip down memory lane, reflecting on good times spent with dad and showing your gratitude. It's also a great time to start your estate plan.

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Elliot Kallen and Tammy Carlson Family

As a father of 3 children and stepfather of 2 children, I am always touched by the incredible bonds a father can have with his children. 

They are completely different than a mother or grandparent has, yet just as rewarding and worthwhile.

We began honoring fathers in 1910 on the third Sunday in June. Today, it is basically a BBQ Day, a baseball game day, a golfing day, or something along those lines. Just a bit different and, hopefully more special than the previous or following Sundays.I have great respect for those dads who made a difference in the lives of their children. It doesn’t matter if the family was intact or split from divorce or another reason. All that matters is that Dad remained committed and present for his children.

On behalf of your Team at Prosperity Financial Group, we wish all the dads a terrific Father’s Day 2021.

Soak up every moment with your family as life is fleeting and every action may make a difference in someone’s life forever.

Call or email me anytime.

All my best,

Elliot Kallen



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