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What does retirement confidence look like for you? How good would it feel to know that all of your financial goals are on track?

As your life evolves, so too will your priorities. As your Virtual Wealth Advisor, I’m here to help you make sure your financial plan lines up with what matters most to you.

Wherever you are on your financial journey, I’ll meet you there with the insight and tools to get you further.

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We'll help you make your money work harder for you.

We understand—you're busy. Between work, family, social, and personal life, it's all too easy to be consumed by daily duties and lose sight of your financial priorities.

But compromising on your financial dreams isn't an option. 

That's where we come in.

At Prosperity, we'll take care of your investment, retirement, and wealth management strategies so you can show up as the best version of yourself to your work and personal relationships. Our remote service structure enables us to help you from anywhere, anytime.

Live your life by design, not by default.

Discover how Prosperity can transform your wealth

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We use our proprietary Fingerprint Financial Planning™ process to get to know you and what's most important to you. Then, we'll develop your personalized investment strategy to meet your financial aspirations. By combining intensive research and extensive portfolio modeling, we'll craft an intelligent strategy to position you for the best investment outcomes.

Successfully navigating the twists and turns of life requires frequent reviewing and proactive positioning. By planning 10 steps ahead, your investment strategy will always be optimized to align with your financial goals.

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Enjoy peace of mind in retirement. Planning your retirement involves a lot more than just figuring out the magic number that you'll need. It's a complex undertaking, and each decision can have a lasting impact on your quality of life in retirement. As your trusted advisor, we take a data-driven, preservation-focused approach to help you make the right decisions.

Longevity is on the rise, and you need strategies that help make your money last longer. With over 27 years of retirement planning experience, we've developed proven wealth protection strategies. We'll help you avoid surprises, stay on track, and plan for a bright future ahead.

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Simplify your life while protecting your family's wealth. From college planning all the way to estate planning, we're here to shield you and your family from the costly mistakes of misinformed decisions. Education is key to transparency, and we'll make sure you're educated on how we manage your money—as much or as little information as you’d like.

Our mission is to serve as your family's advisors for life. We'll work to help you safeguard family assets from taxes, liability, and marital events. That way, you'll have the freedom to continue enjoying your life and your loved ones while building your legacy.

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Fingerprint Financial Planning ™

At Prosperity, we love helping our clients achieve their life goals through effective financial planning.

Every individual has ambitions and goals which are unique to them. Just as your fingerprint is unique to you, we provide financial planning that's entirely tailored to you and your goals.

We'll guide you through our Fingerprint Financial Planning™ process to:

  • Determine the right level of insurance for your business and/or family,
  • Calculate how much you need to save to retire comfortably,
  • Create new income streams from investments,
  • Fund your children’s educations,
  • Revise your will or estate plan to reflect your life changes in conjunction with your attorney,
  • Create tax-advantaged family trusts, and
  • Leave a legacy of giving

This process helps us understand the depth of your changing life, family issues, and long-term investment goals. Then, we'll use advanced financial tools to find the right solutions for your unique requirements.

Who We Serve

Philanthropic Investors

You understand that financial life goes beyond making and keeping money. For you, wealth management is about enriching your own life, your family's legacy, and the community and causes that you believe in. 

For some, planning for generosity means supporting your children’s future aspirations. For others, it means strategically gifting throughout their life or accumulating wealth to gift to a charity. Others serve with their time and talent. 

happy multigenerational family

Affluent Individuals & Families

Your goal is to make your money last while enjoying life to the fullest. We'll help you develop a strategic, intentional plan that'll give you confidence in your future outlook.

Every client has different goals. Some have little financial worry but want to ensure their legacy is protected and passed on fairly, with as little friction as possible. Others have pressing health needs and need help navigating retirement systems. No matter what issues you're facing, we use time-tested strategies and solutions that will work for you. Not just anyone—you, with your needs, and informed by your story.

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Successful Millennials

Your generation is the most educated and technologically savvy. But when it comes to a comprehensive, proactive wealth management plan, you won't find all the answers in a robo-advisor. A Fiduciary Financial Advisor will have the knowledge and experience to give you an individualized strategy for your unique financial situation.

As a generation, you recently surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest across the globe. You're inheriting the world, and the time to plan is now.

Gen X couple

self-made GEN Xers

You're now at the pinnacle of your career. You've spent two decades in the workforce, and now you're in your prime earning years—and possibly considering early retirement. It can be tricky to balance the rising costs of your lifestyle with your upcoming retirement. Now is the time to focus on building a strategic wealth preservation plan.

A better tomorrow starts with making smart financial decisions today. We're here to help you analyze your options so you can feel confident about your retirement.

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At Prosperity, we believe that knowledge is power, and education is key to transparency.

The Prosperity blog is full of valuable articles to help you make better financial decisions for the future.

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As your Fiduciary Registered Investment Advisory firm, we're bound by law to put your interests above our own. We're committed to maximizing your wealth within the constraints of your values and your life goals. Our team of qualified and experienced experts is dedicated to building a positive, long-term relationship with you.

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